Thursday, December 17, 2015

God is enough~ The Sweet Surrender through Trials and Tribulations


Micah at Pilot Mountain two months and a day before he died. 
I remember this day clearly. Micah and his brothers got so far ahead of us on the trail that they went around the knob twice and came up behind us.

From the time Micah fell out of the tree, to intensive care unit in the hospital, to finding out he had leukemia, to 2 ½ years of treatment and then a relapse, to the bone marrow transplant and to Micah's death after 4 years battling leukemia, I can say God is enough. God was enough for Micah and He is enough for me. His grace is sufficient. It is hard and I miss Micah just as much today, 10 years later, as the day he died.

Happy 10 years in heaven with your Savior Micah! One day we will be joining you and I know you are waiting for us and interceding for us and cheering us on. I can remember you sitting on the window sill at the hospital looking out the window waiting for us to come in the morning. I can see you at the finish line cheering us on and encouraging us in our pilgrim's race. I am so glad you are with the Lord Jesus and free of pain and sorrow. Your misery is over and you are enjoying the Lord's presence face to face. It reminds me of Pilgrim's Progress.

“but be you faithful unto Death, and the King will give you a Crown of Life. He that shall die there, although his death will be unnatural, and his pains perhaps great, he will yet have the better of his fellow; not only because he will be arrived at the Celestial City soonest, but because he will escape many miseries that the other will meet with in the rest of his Journey.”
Although Micah suffered a lot in this life, he arrived in heaven sooner than us and has escaped a lot more misery. His journey is finished and I look forward to joining him in heaven one day.

God has been so good. I didn't think 10 years would go by so fast, yet so slow. My heart still aches and I still miss Micah so much, yet God's amazing grace abounds. God helped us through that terrible day for us that was so glorious to Micah. I still remember how he sat slightly up and lifted his head and opened his eyes and looked up and smiled. Then he was gone to be with Jesus. We said goodbye, but not forever. We knew we would see him again later.

Micah is now praising the Lord and interceding with the saints. Many have joined him since that day. Lat year Mark's dad, Granddad, joined Micah. Our dear friend Karise just recently entered into the glorious presence of our Lord and Savior and I am sure they had a joyous reunion.

I am thankful for God's work of grace in Micah throughout all his life. I remember how brave he was during the 4 years of suffering with leukemia. He hardly ever complained. When the doctors told Micah there was nothing more they could do, he put is arm around me and comforted me. His confession was, either God will do a miracle and heal me or I will go to be with Him. To live is Christ, to die is gain. Micah left us with a song he wrote to encourage us after he died. He also wrote other songs to encouraged other parents who lost their child and also for other patients. At the end of his life with not much strength to even talk, Micah spoke of God's goodness. Micah's life and death taught me that God is enough. He will never leave me nor forsake me. His grace is sufficient. Because He lives I can face tomorrow. One of the reasons Micah was able to face the suffering and trials he faced in this life so well was because of  his love for Christ and his focus on Him instead of all the things he was missing out on because of his sickness. He had surrendered his life sweetly and willingly to the Lord and lived in light of eternity. Jesus was his treasure, not the things of this world.

I am thankful for the almost 16 years the Lord blessed us with Micah and for all the things he taught us.
I miss him so much but I am thankful that because of Christ, we will see him again.
See you later Micah!
I love you.

Love, Mom

                                          All nine children after Lydia was born in 2004

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