Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013

8 years ago today
It was a day like any other
The sun rises and sets
on this father and mother

The sky is blue
and the rooster crows
                                                        The air is crisp
And no one knows

That our boy,
Micah goes
To his Father above
He knows

To live in joy and peace above
In heaven with the one called Love

We miss him still and still we mourn
He suffered 4 years of cancer in a storm

He was strong
through thin and thick
Our hope deferred
It made us sick

We thought he’d live
To tell his story here.
But God took him home,
Our son so dear.

So through the pain
And sorrow still
We look to Christ
And know He will

Help us today
To persevere
Through pain of losing
Our son so dear

Our God is good
He loves us more
Than anyone
That we adore

He gave our son
The greatest gift of all
Eternal life,
The cost to Him was tall

Our God He knows
Our loss we face
For He gave His Son
To die in our place

God’s plan is so amazing
So big, so wise
He became flesh and God’s wrath
He satisfies

To make a way
For us to live
With God Eternal
His Son He did give

The One who gave
So He could save

So now our
Micah full of joy
No pain and sorrow
For our boy

Rejoices with
The Lord he’s known
Praising Him
Before the throne

We know that Micah
Rejoices with His Lord
All safe and happy
He is restored

God brought him safely
To His arms above
Wrapped secure
In Jesus Love

And Jesus makes
Our hearts to sing
He is our joy
He is our King

We will go on
This day by His grace
Trust and love
As we look in His face

Through trials and pain
In this earthly place
I keep my gaze
On His lovely face

Micah lived for 16 years
With us
He read his Bible
And learned to trust

The One Who made him
And gave him breath
And strengthened him to walk
4 years of cancer to his death

He learned to live
His life Godward
By faith he read the word
His sword

Through storms and pain
With Jesus by his side
He saw His face
And he did abide

Through many troubles
Fears within
He clung to Jesus
His brother, his nearest kin
Was God made flesh who lived and died
And rose again
He conquered death and conquered sin

I stand this day, December 17th
And face
Another day missing Micah

In His grace


  1. What a great poem, Mom. I really miss dear Micah also, but I am glad knowing that he is in the glorious realms of heaven above. Thanks all to the Lord who made Micah in the first place!

  2. Thanks Elisabeth! You are so sweet.I am thankful that the Lord gave us 16 years with Micah and that we will see him again. I am so thankful for the hope we have in Jesus!